networking area

A networking area/booth at your event.

A space with one long table or several smaller ones (provided by the client) where attendees will be invited to join and mingle — specially with people they haven't yet met. A good first interaction for people who arrived alone and are eager to meet interesting peers.

A host will invite attendees to sit down and interact with other participants, then introduce them to the jojojo game and how to use it. As the conversation progresses, the host may propose extra interaction and provocations - all in service of creating true bonds between the attendees.

This experience is not time-bound: participants may come and go at any point. Some will stay for 5 minutes just out of curiosity, others will form strong bonds with other attendees and will stay there for hours. Both interactions and anything in between are good. One way or another, your attendees are getting away from their own acquaintances and talking to new people.

6h. As explained, participants may come and go from the experience, new participants may join in the middle of a session at any point.

Ideal number of participants:
2-14 at the same time. Throughout the event, more than 200 can participate.

Either a set of 3-4 small tables or a big table. Proper light conditions (reading is key).

Base price:
750€ + VAT

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Game and facilitation in English only.
Prices for Berlin. Other destinations available.
Basic structure (tables, chairs) must be provided by client.