teambuilding workshop

A relaxed and fun facilitated workshop featuring the jojojo cards.

The host will explain how the game works and invite the team to play and mingle. Throughout the experience, the host may propose new challenges and alter the rules just to make sure the conversation is always flowing.

The cards and the team will do most of the work: when met by the kind of question that rarely shows up in the work environment and stimulated by a chill facilitation style, the team will find new topics of conversation and will have a memorable connection experience.

2h +-. Participants may come and go from the experience, new participants may join in the middle of a session.

Ideal number of participants:
6-18 at the same time.

Ideally a set of small tables, but a big table can also work. Proper light conditions (reading is key).

Base price:
550€ + VAT

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Game and facilitation in English only.
Prices for Berlin. Other destinations available.
Basic structure (tables, chairs) must be provided by client.